Think Once, Think Twice... Then Pitch

When you have a great product and a great story, building brand awareness is… well, maybe not easy… but so much easier! Follow these four rules for best results.
Rule #1: Put yourself in THEIR shoes.
If you were a journalist or editor, why would you want to write about your brand? What do you like to read about? Answer these questions, then shape your angle. Brainstorm major themes like aspirational, inspirational, innovative, problem-solving, star worthy, five star reviews, an intriguing back story and so forth.

Promote the Promotion!

Most of us know a newsworthy online press release can be instrumental in spreading the word about our brand. We also know that distributing a release once a quarter is optimal. Sometimes though, we have difficulty coming up with the newsworthy part. Here's a tip from PRWeb:
"A major media hit or prestigious award doesn’t guarantee everyone will see your news. Keep the momentum of your success rolling by promoting the promotion with a press release.

“I Have My Online Press Release. Now What Do I Do With It?

“I Have My Online Press Release. Now What Do I Do With It? (Or, No One Said It Would Be Easy)”

Tips for Maximizing your Press Release Investment

Here are a few ways to get your press release out there. Leave a comment - what works for you? 

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