Think Once, Think Twice... Then Pitch

When you have a great product and a great story, building brand awareness is… well, maybe not easy… but so much easier! Follow these four rules for best results.
Rule #1: Put yourself in THEIR shoes.
If you were a journalist or editor, why would you want to write about your brand? What do you like to read about? Answer these questions, then shape your angle. Brainstorm major themes like aspirational, inspirational, innovative, problem-solving, star worthy, five star reviews, an intriguing back story and so forth. What makes YOUR great story?
Rule #2: Put your BEST FOOT forward.
Make sure you are pitching the best of the best from your brand. Then, ensure you've documented the product accordingly. That means eye-catching photos and engaging product descriptions. You only get one chance to make a first impression and taking the extra time is ALWAYS worth it.
Rule #3: Don’t take the cake out of the oven before it’s DONE.
Sometimes additional time is needed to iron out the details. Don’t be in a rush. See Rule #2.
Rule #4: Ask for HELP if you need it.
If you think you have all the pieces in place but find yourself at a loss as to how to pitch the media, or have not had success on your own, enlist help. A trusted friend may be able to help you find the secret sauce if you can't figure out your angle. Or consider hiring a professional to craft your pitch and send it out on your behalf. Sometimes a FRESH EYE is what’s needed to tease out the promise of your brand. Others find it easier to brag on their brand if someone does it for them.
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